South African Delegation Visiting North Caucasus Federal University.

Head of the representative office of RACUS-2 in the South African Republic, Kum Protus Dze and the representatives of the education department of the Mpumalanga Mayor’s office of the Republic of South Africa, Francis Vanita, Moen Lucy Khloyan, Mhaule Regina, visited the North-Caucasus Federal University. The visit was arranged to get to know the academic degree programs offered at the NCFU.

Valentin Shipulin (Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs) told the delegation about various bilingual programs and the Russian language training offered to foreign applicants. In order to show the unique laboratories and the equipment, the guests were invited to see the facilities at the Institute for Life Science; Institute for Information Technologies and Telecommunications; Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electronics and Nanotechnologies, and the Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering. Besides, the delegation of South Africa could meet compatriot-students who told them that they have no trouble studying at the NCFU, while the training itself is going on well.