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    RACUS SA (RACUS South Africa) is the South African Official Representative of Russian African Centre of University Studies. It operates in collaboration with the RACUS Russia which has representatives in more than 68 countries in the world and has been assisting students to study in Russian State universities from all over the world since 1991 RACUS SA serves as the main students’ recruiter for Russian universities in South Africa by being the main information center for students’ admission as well as facilitating prospective students to get the necessary documentation required to study in Russia.

    Over the years, RACUS South Africa has enjoyed being the only recognized students’ recruiter for Russian State Universities, which has earned it reputation and respect from various high schools across South Africa. By so doing, RACUS South Africa has also served as an innovative motivator for high school students who have inspirations of taking their studies to a greater spectrum of internationally recognised educational institutions such as Russia which is considered among the best education systems with a literacy rate of 99, 6%.

    RACUS South Africa’s representatives have tirelessly and successfully introduced the Russian State Universities to the South African educational fraternity thereby strengthening fundamental and educational relationships between the Republic of South Africa and The Russian Federation. Welcome to Study in Russia.

    Protus Kum _ Director for Racus S.A
    PD Kum is the Director of RACUS S.A and a renowned business man and passionate educator. He has over 10 yesr of experience in the South African educational system.

    PD Kum

    Hope P. Mxotshwa is the Senior Administrator at Racus S.A

    H.P Mxotshwa

    Senior Administrator
    Esnath Mususa is the Advisor at Racus S.A

    E Mususa

    Student Advisor