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    Some of South African female students studying medicine in Russia
    Some of South African female students studying medicine in Russia

    RACUS South Africa welcomes you to study in Russia. The Russian education system is regarded as one of the best in the world with great recognition of its vast selection of areas of specialisation which ranges from science and technology, law and humanities. Russia is widely recognised for having more than 650 universities and a literacy rate of 99.6%. Students from all over the world have been earning educational accreditation from these Universities all over the years.

    russian-universitiesIn total, Russian universities brings together more than 7 million students of which more than 210 000 are from all over the world. As a result of this vast educational empire that Russia has, it has forever earned its place as a leader of scientific researches and inventions. Study time ranges from 4 years for B.Sc. degrees, 2 years for masters degrees, 5 years for specialist degrees, while post graduate programs stretches to 3 years. Also, Russian State Universities offers General Medicine courses with a duration of up to 6 years, Sports medicine courses with up to 6 years as well as Paediatrics. Dentistry and Pharmaceutical studies have a duration of up to 5 years while Clinical studies have a duration of up to 5 years.

    University semesters in Russia starts in September and ends at the end of January while the second semester starts the second week of February and end at the end of June. In-between semesters, students have a 2 weeks vacation in January/February and a 2 month summer vacation which normally last the whole of August. Russian State universities offer a complete range of studying specialities from which students may choose from

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