Protus D. Kum (Director of RACUS-2 Representative Office in South Africa) had a visit to NCFU.

The high guest was particularly interested in the IT training that students from South Africa can find at NCFU. While visiting the training facilities at the Institute for Information Technologies & Telecommunications, Mr. Kum was shown the academic curricula offered to students, including the training delivered in English.

This special interest taken in the training is due to the fact that the number of students coming from South Africa to study at NCFU has been growing rapidly over the past few years – 4 students in 2015 vs. 42 now.

This visit paid by the South African party is not a single one – last year the South African Ambassador in Russia visited NCFU discussing various issues regarding academic mobility and expansion of cooperation in many areas.

RACUS-2 is an agency joining a group of Russian universities that offer training to students from South Africa, which has been functioning for over 20 years now.